About 3dspotfinder


3DSpotfinder.com press release 23-06-2014

What is 3DSpotfinder?

3Dspotfinder THE place to go to find 3D industry information, events, jobs, products and services.

A powerful map-based search engine makes discovering the 3d industry very easy and informative. Come to 3Dspotfinder.com for everything 3D.
3Dspotfinder is not a place for competition between freelancers and business but is rather all about networking, sharing and helping foster the 3D industry. It is the goal of 3Dspotfinder to open up the 3D industry and make it more accessible to the companies and individuals who could benefit from a very creative and dynamic community of individuals and companies.

What does 3DSpotfinder cost?

3dspotfinder is absolutely free for adding spots

How is the 3D industry categorized?
Businesses categories:

3D Agency, 3D print, 3D Software house, Advertising Agency with 3D skills, Architecture visualization, 3D Design/engineering, 3D furniture, Game studios, Interactive, Medical 3D, Mo Cap Studios, Real time 3D, VFX Studios.

Schools categories:

Academy, Animation School, University

Events categories:

Conference, exhibition, road show, trade show, events

How can businesses, freelancers and schools be found via 3DSpotfinder?

One can filter the databank through one’s search keywords, a place , an area code or given additional filters. There will be also under-categories for each category to help refine searches.

Each business can mention vacancies if freelancers are needed, or if they have a full time job offer. Therefore freelancer can easily and quickly find new available projects. On the other side freelancers can register if they are looking for work, that way companies can easily find an available freelancer.

What exactly is an online registration with 3DSpotfinder?

The listing can be a short portfolio with the following content:

  • The address (freelancer don’t need to give their street name)
  • Pictures (the number depends on the package chosen, in average 10)
  • Video (YouTube, Vimeo etc. iFrame Link)
  • Special entries, like ‘looking for a project’, ‘looking for freelancers’, etc.
  • Phone-Numbers
  • Website / social Media links
  • Opening hours / office hours, events with start and end-date
  • Entry recommendation
  • Contact through entry
  • Social sharing
  • Automatic route-planner
  • linkage of partner spots/business-branches
  • ratings /comments

What else has 3DSpotfinder to offer?

3DSpotfinder will offer editorial content, for which we are still looking for partners.
We also have the idea to initialize so called 3D-scouts. They are registered members that post news via their mobile or online and by doing so establish a reliable up-to date information system making 3DSpotfinder THE online dialogue and help forum for the 3D industry.

What else?

All registered members can create a favorite list, discuss interesting 3D relevant topics and link with friends and business-partners.
What are the advantages of listing with us?

For schools:

  • Network with business keep and eye on the needs and wants of the 3D industry.
  • Help your students get noticed. Using a unique search term it is possible to send recruitment advisers and firms a link and lead them to a 3dspotfinder where only your students and graduates are shown on a map of the world.
  • Show future students the benefits of enrollment with your school and help them contact and make friends with passed students.
  • List all your happenings and events and sheer them with the past and present students and the 3Dindustry.

For freelancers:

(a freelance on 3Dspotfinder is any individual: (i.e student or employee, self employed or enthusiast.)

  • Show off your talents with a free portfolio.
  • Position your spot based on where you want to be found.
  • Find business close to you that are offering jobs.
  • Keep an eye on whats happening in the 3Dindustry.
  • Make friends and network, give and get advice.
  • Keep track of events and happenings close to you.
  • Get involved in our forums and be notified when someone posts an answer.

For Business:

  • An equal playing field. Business are listed by location not by ranking or activity.
  • Promote new products and services with our event system.
  • Search for freelancers and future employees with the skills you need.
  • Post your happenings and events and notify your friends and clients.
  • Expand your B2B network and find vendors, suppliers, manufacturers
  • Exchange news and ideas with others in the industry.
  • Get seen by visitors from outside of the 3D industry

Kind regards

Joel bouzaid