MultiMesher This is a quick FREE tool : MultiMesher from clovis gay on Vimeo. update video with new features : Multi_Mesher V2 update...
Mamba FX

Mamba FX

Mamba FX Mamba FX is a powerful and innovative compositing software package providing unrivalled levels of performance and interactivity. Mamba FX provides high-end compositing tools to meet all requirements f...
The new Titan Z

The new Titan Z

Two GPUs, One Insane Graphics Card: Introducing the GeForce GTX TITAN Z - See more at:   ...

EUE 2014 Utrecht, Netherlands

EUE 2014 Autodesk’s Eddie Perlberg with news of 3ds Max 2016 development plans Many speakers coming together to talk about the future of 3ds Max, it really worth visting it, go and check out http://www.endus...