Why do we need a 3Dspotfinder?
For freelancers, schools and business this is the place to show your work,
network and search for jobs.
For people and firms outside of the 3Dindustry this is the place to get information, make contacts find 3D products and services and learn what advantages the 3Dindustry can offer.

What are the key 3Dspotfinder features?

A free no fuss map based search for EVENTS, freelancers, schools AND business that are involved in the 3Dindustry . What your searching for may be just around the corner!

Our portfolio listings are a quick and easy way to show your products, services and talents to the world.

Join a network that spans the global 3D industry, add friends, exchange messages, join forums and receive notifications when someone answers your forum, track your favorites and even get notified when someone in our portal mentions you.

What is an event spot?
Anything that is happening somewhere for a short time.
An event spot will disappear when the event is over although it can be set up to recur on a monthly or yearly basis!

Why to go for the premium package?

Featured listing will push you up the list.
Google analytics will help spread your profile through the whole web.
link to your own website.
Picture uploads limits increase to 25
Movies can be added to your portfolio

How do I cancel my membership?

If your a Freelancer your membership will simply downgrade to a free account when it runs out.
For a School or Business your Spot will disappear when your subscription runs out.
For a business or school to reactivate there spot they simply pay their subscription and their spot will reappear with all its contents.
If you would like to cancel your listing and disappear completely just send us an email and we will delete your listing!
Or you can delete your membership by yourself by clicking here DELETE ACCOUNT.

But be careful all of your content and spots will be completely irrecoverable deleted.

what are the prices?
Please check the price when adding a spot, every package is descripted when adding a spot.

Why Paypal?
It’s FREE for buyers! There are absolutely no extra costs.
It is very easyto use.
It is 100% secure. Paypal guarantees your security.
Secure your Images!
How can I secure my Images? Well the best way to do it, just put a watermark on your images. The watermark could be your logo, your name, your webpage etc.
Street disclosures are NOT necessary for freelancers!
If you enter a freelance spot, no streetname is necessary, street disclosures are optional here! Just enter your country, city and zip.