3D Realtime Models

We prepaire your CAD models for the use of real time applications, like VisualActor.

Using realtime models become more and more important for todays 3d technology. We will help you to get the best of both worlds, best performance on high resolution models and high quality PBR texturing for best visual physical effects.

Use realtimemodels to create a realistic interactive 3d environment for your products to use for the web or any other realtime 3D applications, like digital twin software or like our own 3d interactive realtime APP „VisualActor

This Model here shows what is possible in realtime:

It has accurate glas with reflection and transparency with refraction. Shiny surfaces with reflection and roughness. You can animate it and show complex processes to your clients. You can use our interactive APP VisualActor to even make your own interactive 2D/3D or 360 Terminals.